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    Laminar Releases Version 10.04 Beta 1


    Laminar Research has released a new version of X-Plane 10, so get those updaters going! The list of fixes/additions includes:


    • AI Aircraft now climb/hold altitude better dramatically reducing the frequency of hearing ATC yell at them.
    • Protect against aircraft doing something WAY out of bounds like departing instead of taxiing or holding short.
    • Stability improvements
    • Step descents dramatically improved
    • ATC should now tell the user what approach they're setting them up for
    • ATC "Radio" box text color tweak
    • Fixed AI aircraft names

    Lots of tuning and tweaking to make everything just right here in this release:

    • Plane should be able to hold still quite a bit better during runup, and not slowly drift with the brakes on!
    • Manifold pressure model is now improved to be more like real planes.
    • French and Spanish translation improvements to make the menus a hair more accurate in those languages.
    • Better vertical resolution of the NMEA strings for newer (real) moving maps that plot vertical paths as well.
    • More resolution in the FDR replays, so even little RC drones with small movements can have their paths recorded perfectly.
    • Cylindrical projection should be able to handle changing the screen-res on the fly with no problem now.
    • Better metar parsing: X-Plane should not be confused over various comments in the metars about the wind.
    • As well ATIS should report the visiblity accuratley in all cases. Earlier versions did not report the very low-vis cases correctly.
    • And, an option to re-scan real-weather to go along with re-download.
    • The heat-blurr rendering effect is now offset by the exhaust offset specified in Plane-Maker, which is useful.
    • As well, the heat blurr now draws for ALL planes, not just the one you are flying.
    • As well, you can specify the exhsust offset PER ENGINE!
    • Proper cloud textures used even if you have both cumulus and cirrus layers at the same time.
    • The yaw-string is visible for the gliders and helos.
    • A-I airplanes should be a bit more robust, really adding power if needed to get out of ditches or up hills, and not having systems break, rendering the plane stopped or otherwise motionless.
    • TCAS system should only call out guys with their transponder on...and the AI should only turn on their transponder for flight, not taxi! This is getting down to a pretty crazy level of realism, here.
    • New failure: brown-out! In the upper right of the first page of failures.

    A pretty nice failure for helos, added for use in real military training now!

    Aircraft and Attached Objects:

    • Aircraft can now have any number of attached objects; the interface is revamped to show this.
    • Attached objects now have per object control over LOD, shadowing, and pre-fill. These options let you tune your plane for maximum performance. Click the "More Info" button in the Plane-Maker screen to view a description of what the settings do and how they should be used.
    • The 747 and CirrusJet now have some of the pre-fill and shadow options set to improve 3-d cockpit framerates; we'll work through the other planes during beta.
    • Wing flex for v9 planes now defaults to off; this prevents graphic errors when the attached parts aren't authored to flex with the wings.
    • Plane-Maker taxi lights don't shine into the interior of the P-180.
    • Fixed culling and drawing of OBJ-based weapons in the sim and Plane-Maker

    Other random stuff:

    • The fps test is fixed to not sit in the joystick calibration screen.
    • New smoke puff artwork

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