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    MLADG Mig-15 Released


    MLADG have released their Mig-15 (an aircraft originally designed in real life by Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich) for X-Plane! The aircraft is available for X-Plane 10 only, and it simulates the advanced Bis version of the Mig-15.

    You may purchase the aircraft for a little over $15 USD at the simMarket store.

    General features:

    detailed 3D interactive cockpit

    detailed outside model

    instrumentation based on real counterparts

    in flight refuel possible

    JATO can be used for short fields

    Civil version features:

    western instrumentation (altitude in feet, speed in knots)

    equiped with western avionics: VOR/DME

    removed military equipment

    english labels available

    Military version features:

    metrical instrumentation

    gun sight available

    can be loaded with drop tanks, bombs, guns

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