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  • IXEG Previews Update 1.3 in Video


    Captain Jan has posted a near 30 minute long video showcasing the features in the upcoming v1.3 update from IXEG. Items like new 3D enhancements, flight model adjustments, and various other aspects of the systems/programming are covered and worth a look!

    You can find the video in the topic here at X-Pilot.

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    Hello, I updated the 1.3 733, but I want to accidentally close the pop-up windows on the left and right sides. I can't choose some functions of the plane, such as winglets. Can you tell me how to open these pop-up windows? thank you.

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    I´ve been hading a problem during the flights. I don´t know the reason. It has been happening even with the last version. Suddenly, after some minutes flying the frame rate begins decrease up to almost 0 (zero) and at the same time increases up to the normal value (nearly 40) over and over. And because of this, the XPlane almost stops and I need to restart the XPlane. Could someone tell me what could be happening?

    OBS: This problem doesn´t occur flying others 737.



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