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New XP10-30 (b....) and JS32

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Hello everybody (specialy Javier !!)
With the new XP10-30, the JS32 not authorise the use of the new Garmin 430 GPS included. It's not possible to choice the "pilot" ARINC option  to activate all the new GPS functions. Only the "copilot" choice is accepted. Result: the radios com/nav are no settable and we can't display the "GPS" function. Always locked on VORNAV.
Please, for the future, could you modify your airplane to use the new Garmin 430 (XP10-30) or, indicate us the process to get an good result.
Many thanks.

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Waiting for the new 430, a nice addition is the KLN90B.

Read here:


Bons vols. Claude.

Hi Claude,

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I downloaded the KLN90B update Pack V2, but the buttons are inoperative. For the 430,the XP message said approx: "you must remove the 430 native to install the new ". Good, but I don't know the process to get !! I will wait the update and use the X-FMC.

Have a good week, cheers, J.L

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