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HotFix for Saab 340A v1.1

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I have started this thread to provide a single source for the most current HotFix. This will reduce any confusion that may arise from having multiple threads with HotFixes in them.  Any bug fixes/corrections/changes that are mentioned in other threads will have a link to this post where users can get the latest HotFix as they become available.


OK, here's the MOST CURRENT hot fix….

  1. Open X-Plane and the Saab
  2. In your menu bar at top, select Plugins > Gizmo64 > Windows > HotFix
  3. You will be asked to enter in your HotFix ID. Copy and paste in the following: f6a1e394d2e0e82b1aa8f6b1d122f97b
  4. Click 'Update'
  5. Once it has downloaded and installed, click 'Reboot' and you'll be done!
  6. I would recommend you reload the aircraft.

NOTE:  You will need to apply the HotFix to ALL variants of the Saab (Passenger/AEW/Cargo)



The following issues are addressed with this HotFix:


      • Fixed bug in anti-skid system preventing user from applying brakes (2/13/14).

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