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Wind datarefs available?

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I am currently making an *unnamed* and *awesome* speed record sailboat for X-Plane, but I have hit a few problems!


I would like to be able to adjust the wind DIRECTION and SPEED from inside my cockpit. I know I can do this by applying a dataref to a generic rheostat (like some can effect the POV or time) but I can only find datarefs that display the data, not change it...



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Last time I checked the datarefs for wx were writable, but they had strange naming conventions.


Can you post the names of the drefs you've already looked at?

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Sure, I hope these will do, I do not know much about this stuff!


To display the wind speed I used: sim/weather/wind_speed_kt


To display the wind direction i used: sim/weather/wind_direction_degt

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X-Planes weather is controlled by three layers of values.


The dataref's you're trying to use are an "aircraft local" interpretation of the layers.


Use these to "set" the weather:











You will notices that the dataref names contain what looks like array specifiers.


These datarefs are definitely NOT arrays, they just have poorly selected names that are a historical artifact of X-Plane.


I'm fairly sure the lowest weather layer is controlled by the datarefs that end in [0]. If not, try the others in the set. ([1] and [2])



Hope that helps.

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