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Controls sensibility

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Hey guys, hope you all doing good.

Since I installed the TBM, I’ve noticed that my joystick controls with this specific addon are too sensitive. I tried to change some xplane settings (I’m using saitek yoke), but I got any improvements.

Does someone have an answer to correct that? It’s impossible to handfly this plane like this.

Kindest regards,


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I've noticed this in only a small handful of people.  It seems to be isolated to the users hardware, as the vast majority of people are not having any issues at all.  Can you check all your hardware and the drivers and make sure nothing is overriding your settings.  

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Hi everybody,


first of all I love this aircraft. It is for sure the best GA aircraft on the market. Well done, you did a great job. When I saw the thread of Lucas I knew already what he means. The same for me. I am not able to handfly the aircraft. Actually it is not possible to trim it out. It shows crazy V/S changes and almost uncontrollable bankings. I tried different setting inside the control sensitivity of XP11 and in XP11 Planmakers trim section with no success. I tried the new Honeycomb alpha flight control and the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog, no difference. When I fly the default cessna of XP11 everything is fine. I really hope that one day someone has an idea for us small group having issues. Would be a pitty  to fly this A/c only with the help of an autopilot.


Kind regards



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Since I also have problems with the sensitivity of the controls when flying manually, I would like to try to change the values in TBM900_vrconfig.txt carefully.
I am aware that the developers are reluctant to see such changes and would never make suggestions in this regard. There is a risk that someone might experiment "idiotically" and later complain about having discovered any "issues". 
Still, maybe it is worth a try by carefully backing up the original parameters, if you know what you are doing.

Here you are:

BEGIN_MANIP drag_xy sim/cockpit2/controls/yoke_roll_ratio sim/cockpit2/controls/yoke_pitch_ratio 
YOKE_MANIP_TRANSLATE -0.318090 0.240970 3.070750   -0.318090 0.240970 3.210750   -0.318090 0.240970 3.140750   0 0 1 69 -69


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