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  1. Flight description: Route PAJN - PAKT, flight altitude 12 000 feet. Approximately in the middle of the route the flight data aren't no longer updating and do not match (distances to the next waypoint, see picture). The white airplane symbol is moving forward, but the numerical values remain unchanged. Flight aborted.
  2. On the G1000 MFD, the flight altitude took the value of -1000 ft and could not be changed. (see screenshot). It jumped back to -1000 ft again and again. On a previous flight everything was fine. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the hints, I'll try to repeat the flight with these settings.
  4. I have problems during this flight with reading out the navigation data. I am flying according to the flight plan from KSNA to ZUSED. The flight plan shows: I'm flying to ZUSED, desired Track = 197°, distance to ZUSED 17.4 nm, but the distance is getting bigger and bigger! ? The PFD shows a BRG of 258°, the course is 077°, GPS and AP are on. Something is wrong here, isn't it?
  5. Hello, I don't want searching for the sound error anymore. Today the sound works fine again. I have no explanation for the problem of yesterday. I suspected that ASXP could be cause it by periodically polling the online weather.
  6. I have an annoying noise problem with my newly purchased aircraft. The engine sound is periodically interrupted during the flight. The fps values are ok (about 30 - 35 fps for GTX 1070 TI), so it can't be the problem. I use a good quality audio interface (Presonus Studio 26), and the sound is excellent in all my other planes (also in IXEG). The engine settings are correct I think, I found useful hints for it in youtube tutorials.
  7. Thanks again, the engine start works properly now.
  8. I'll try it with your recommended settings, thank you.
  9. I can't start my new purchased SR22 and after an hour of trying am rather frustrated. I have never had such problems with my (a lot of) other planes. I deleted all inside files in the X-Plane 11/Output/SR22 folder. No chance for a (cold) start. I attached here the new Na_record and Na_state files. NA_Record.txt NA_State.txt
  10. Hi Litjan, sorry for the slightly delayed answer. Unfortunately I also could not reconstruct the error. When programming the FMC I always enter the airways and waypoints at the right place - that's why the error message couldn't come. I also noticed the extremely high takeoff speeds - on the takeoff Ref page when I accepted the proposed V1 value by mouse click the error occurred, if I remember correctly. I suspect two possible sources of error: 1 - in any input field the allowed limits are missing - therefore the calculation algorithm could calculate such unreal high tak
  11. I experienced more times the following error message (s. screenshot)
  12. After reinstalling and deactivating my virus scanner the problem is solved. Thanks a lot.
  13. Hi Goran, thanks for your early reply. I'll follow your intentions and will report the results.
  14. After successful loading the aircraft is not responsive. Newly installed. The log files are enclosed. Thanks GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
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