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My global trees now support TerraMaxx seasons

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I recently finished work on my global trees TerraMaxx support and once again, I like the results. I'm still impressed everytime I do some stuff with TerraMaxx how cool this can look so I decided to focus more on doing TerraMaxx stuff in the future. But for now I have the trees done and ready for download and of course some screenshots.

FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees - FlyAgi.de












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Thank you Cameron. 

I would have come up with this earlier but I was too busy with many scenery projects last year delaying my own stuff. 




One question, though: Will you fix the pol files thing one time? John helped me fix this last year and I thought this would be incorporated into an update for TerraMaxx but when I downloaded it again a few days ago this problem still was there. Aside from that problem I think TerraMaxx is as good as X-Plane allows technically, custom airports and the non-library default airport assets (eg runway, taxiways) have to be modified manually, but the default draped polygons just need to be added to the package, all the textures are already present in SeasonsXP (the draped polygons are using the same textures as the global terrain scenery does). 


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