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Installer error message

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Finally I found some time to install the latest patch, but this time the installer showed an error message. (wasn´t the case with the previous versions)

Ignored it and ran the installer again, same message. Then I started x-plane and loaded the TBM900 and after entering my activation details the simulator crashed to desktop immediately.

I started x-plane once again and this time no crash. Was able to perform a short flight without problems. One thing I noticed was that a window appeared on startup saying that a new version is online, although I already have 1.09.

What does this error message mean and do I have to expect any quirks now? Don´t want to set everything up now just to be forced to reinstall later...




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I did, third time now. Error message still the same. :(


EDIT: After rebooting the PC twice the installer finally ran without error message. Then again a CTD after activation.(log attached) Next startup was ok then.

I must say I never had CTD´s with xplane, with the TBM I had 4 within one week. :-(


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