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Darker storm clouds?

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Hey there, new SMP user - I may be missing something - right now, in KTUS (my hometown) a monsoon thunderstorm is looming. 

EVERYTHING about this scene is replicated by SMP - the sky is an eerie grey, the view distance looks accurate, the rayleigh scattering is good -  except (right now) for cloud color. They're grey, water-laden clouds, but SMP is portraying them as bright white.

Any way to change the cloud color during these conditions? 


Seriously though, wow. I have xE and FSE and this has been a lot better thus far. Flew a scenic flight in a C207 and it was just wonderful looking at the cloud layers and watching them come from the distance. 


Edit - it may have been how XMP interpreted the light - flying into an overcast KLAS after a pause in flight and the clouds are dark. Maybe a shadowing thing at my angle at the airport versus my view from my backyard.

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Glad you're enjoying it! As you've surmised, the color of the clouds is driven by a lot of factors and it's complicated. Notably, if you're in truly overcast conditions where the coverage is 100% everywhere, things get a lot darker.

If you're a tinkerer, it is possible to make the cumulus clouds appear darker as they increase in density. If you open up the file plugins/silverlining/resources/SilverLining.override in a text editor, you'll see this line:

cumulus-density-darkening = 0.01

Increasing that value will make the clouds darker. Ironically, it's set to be too bright in response to feedback from other people who thought the clouds were too dark in earlier versions of SMP. Its "normal" value is 0.10.

Be sure you have a copy of your original SMP installer, so you can re-install if something goes wrong. Once you start editing our files, we can't make any promises that things will work or provide support.


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