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Shobhan Nandy

Please help fluctuating frames in both x plane 10 and 11

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To the ixeg team,

the fps seems to fluctuate, now this is happening in a new windows and x plane installation. This fluctuation is extremely fast and it required me to use the camera in slow motion mode to get the numbers. It’s constantly cycling between 43 to 36 FPS . This causes a stutter like experience. Can you help me with a fix, it’s really annoying.

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Utilize the Gizmo garbage collector icon from the Gizmo menu to enter some values to your liking. Adjust until happy!

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CAMERON thank you very much for your help took a little bit of digging but found the value It's 500. Oh my it's an absolutely different plane now. I was an idiot to dismiss your product few months back. My apologies to the entire ixeg team for being impatient earlier. I don't know what this garbage collector does but I set the value to 500 and it's magic. If you can please let me know it's function. Now it's my 2nd favourite plane the first being majestic dash 8 yes it's a different platform but those have have made a great plane the good news is the moment it gets the pending FMC functionalities the IXEG WILL be my no. 1. Again my sincere thanks to the IXEG team to give us such a great plane. If possible pin this post, I'm certain a lot of people out there don't know about this garbage collector. THE IXEG 737 even in the current state  in my opinion is the most well done /optimised 737 out there for any platform. I still don't know what gizmo does.

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