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Engines Die question

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This is Pilot error I'm sure. Sometimes after landing, the engines just quit and all avionics turn off. Ie. Final approach Props full power, full flaps, roughly 63% on throttle... However, I think i was moving the throttle back and forth a little to maintain speed. After landing I place the throttle in max reverse. I then moved the throttle forward to idle, which resulted with the engines dying. I'm thinking I may of possibly moved them from reverse back to idle to quickly???   Idk. I'm sure both times the engines have quit was after a full reverse first.  I also checked fuel, So that was not the problem. 

Anyway, I'm really enjoying all the hard work you guys have put into this Model. I fly this plane almost every other day. 



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@Cameron Thanks. I found the thread. I'm glad I was not the only one. ha ha. 

Just have to pause for a sec at idle before continuing into reverse. performing a fluid movement from 63% throttle to full reverse is the culprit. 

Here is the relevant link in case others stumble across my question first. 


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