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N1 pointers question

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I have a question regarding the N1 pointers. On takeoff I see them matching the N1 setting showing on the FMC, however that's not the case in-flight. In the screenshot below the limiter is set at CRZ which according to the FMC is 91.2% but the yellow pointer is around 100%. Is this behavior correct?



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Hi marianol,

no, that is not correct - the whole N1 limit page is working "so-so", a byproduct of our internal swapping of the FMC development. You can also see that AUTO (which is active) is displaying a value of 84.6% - it should show the current value vor CRZ (91.2%). The orange carots are also not driven properly in all modes (as you correctly observed).

This section is slated for an overhaul along with other aspects of the FMC.

The current workaround is to disregard the carots and the AUTO numerical max N1 value - the autothrust should heed the correct value. If this bothers someone with a very purist vein, it is always possible to pull out the manual N1 limit knobs and set the carots manually (this does not affect autothrottle operation, it is purely an indication reminder).



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Thanks for the explanation Jan, I thought that's was the case. Is not a big deal (at least for me) but I noticed on a windshear escape maneuver that when I set the N1 to the bug I got an N2 overspeed. I know reworking the whole FMC is a big deal and requires a lot of work, but still this plane is the one I enjoy the most in x-plane (and is the one I use to practice before recurrents :):)). 


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