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TOGA Button/Key Assignemnt XP11

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Having difficulty assigning a button on my joystick to the TOGA button in XP11 for the B733.

I can find the generic set TOGA power but it appears not to work on the IXEG.

Any ideas or am I not looking in the correct place?

I saw a few xp10 posts from last year but couldnt find anything more recent.

Loving the aircraft as well.




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Hi Scott,

the generic TOGA button works for the IXEG. You have to assign the command "Engage TOGA power." to a button/key of your liking.

If nothing happens when you push it, it´s likely that you have not setup the system correct, i.e. the A/T is not armed, TOGA command is not available, etc.

There are also many aircraft-specific commands you can bind your buttons to:

Go to the button assignment screen, click "EDIT" for the button you want to assign, then type "ixeg" into the search field. Now you will see all specifig "ixeg" commands.

Cheers, Jan



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