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Hello all. 
I got home from work today and decided to download the 737 update along with the skymaxx update. 

I turn XP10 on, uninstall the old installations and install the new ones and get to the new activation box. I pop in my email address and password, and chose a name for my PC. I then get a message telling me that my Machine ID has been blacklisted?!! 

I uninstall IXEG - still get it,
I uninstall skymaxx - still get it
I uninstall - RWC and I still get the box. 

I have no X-A products installed yet I am getting hassled by an activation bow which only tells me that my Machine has been blacklisted (for unknown reasons). 

What should I do? I have submitted a ticket to support with hopes that it will be fixed. But maybe you guys need to be aware of this bug? If it is a bug that is. 

No issues with this until today! 


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