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RWC gizmolog error

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I was experiencing some weird behaviour with MaxxSMP with changing visible weather and found this entry in my GizmoLog:


debug:   64.946:   gxt.load: MAXX_RWC
debug:   64.947:   gxt.load: XA_Activation
debug:   64.954: screen w/h:1024/768
warng:   64.971:   gxt.load: ErrorReport: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link?
debug:   64.972:   gxt.load: Shell
debug:   64.972: gxt: Completed AutoLoad.


is there anything wrong with my RWC install/activation or how to understand this ErrorReport?

thanks in advance




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Those messages are normal.

If the "sudden change in weather" is related to visibility, remember SMP/RWC only draws clouds. Sudden changes in visibility is an issue in XP11.

If the clouds seem to be changing, make sure "never change visible weather" is enabled in your RWC settings. They may also shift slightly when crossing one-degree tile boundaries in some cases, but that should be infrequent unless you're at extreme latitudes.

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