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Can LES imagine doing a Helicopter in the future?

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Hi guys,

i discovered the joys of flying helicopters in X-Plane and DCS some weeks ago. It's highly addictive! :D
So I thought I'd ask if maybe there could be a helicopter with the LES treatment in sometime in the future? Of course the Dreamfoil stuff is great and I also enjoy flying the (now freeware) Mil Mi-2, but I would be very curious to see what you guys could achieve (and I'm sure it would be good!).


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We've discussed helicopters in the past, We're not opposed to doing them, but it would be completely new territory.  I don't want to say we'll DEFINITELY do 1 or several in the future, but it's possible.  It would be an interesting area to explore some day.

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Just because i stumbled upon this thread.. if you do happen to do a helicopter (which i would love!) heres my recommendations..

Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane (would be awesome to have a good simulation of it, very classic)

CH-53E Super Stallion (military beast, very cool)

AW109 (most practical, and used in most applications, very slick)

But i would love any heli L.E.S. made! 

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