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How to manage Crossed between all 3 tanks?


When tanks 1&2 were nearly empty, I switched on CTR tank fuel pumps on and opened Cross feed Valve.

The fuel was taken from CTR tank but id did not seem to cross feed to tank 1&2.



Dainius Psitulskis



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Hi Dainius,

no tank will ever "fill" from other tanks - there are checkvalves that prohibit this.

Crossfeed is for the rare situation when you want to feed a left engine from right tank, for example. Even when using the CTR tank pumps, the crossfeed valve normally stays closed.

Only in a high-pitch situation you can observe one CTR pump run dry (they are placed fore and aft) - then you can open the crossfeed, so that both engines get fed from the still pressurized pump.

When more than one pump is feeding engines, there is always a "stronger one" that will win - and no fuel will be delivered from the weaker one - this is like in reality, and it may look like the crossfeed is not working.



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