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Expanded 737 Classic Checklist Replacement 1.0.1

About This File

Hey everyone,

I found the stock checklist to be a little basic, so I made this expanded checklist in a style that I believe fits the aircraft. Checklist is based on real airline checklist for the 737-300. Big thanks to P3ROn for the help.


(Please note that the preview image compression makes the checklist harder to read than it is in sim.)

Installation instructions:

1. Go to your X-Plane 10\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic folder

2. Make a backup of the current IXEG_checklist.png file (e.g. by renaming it to "IXEG_checklist.png.old")

3. Copy this downloaded IXEG_checklist.png to the IXEG 737 Classic folder

4. Enjoy.

Please note that this checklist is not an official IXEG checklist. If you have any comments or gripes, they belong here or to me via PM. I can also be contacted at doctornerdrage@gmail.com.

Safe flying!

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