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Portoroz Airport version 2.1 by Aerobridge Studios:


> Fixed runway disappearing for v10, and some other adjustments to the scenery.


Aerobridge Studios-Portoroz Aerodrome

Developed and designed by : Peter Tram, Juan Menendez

Manual : Peter Tram, Juan Menendez

Photography: Matija Skerjanec

Version 2.0 High Definition

Portorož Airport is the smallest of three international airports in

Slovenia. It is located near the village of Sečovlje, 6 km (3.7 mi) south

of Portorož, and less than 300 m (980 ft) from the Croatian border.

The airport was opened on 27 September 1962. The airport is intended for passenger and cargo transport,

sport, tourist and business flights.

From Wikipedia

This release is a major update to the original ABSim LJPZ


- Photorealistic ground

- Highly detailed airport buildings.

- Photorealistic textures

- Realistic asphalt textures in runways and taxiways

- Real-world airport lighting shades

- Main buildings include real night textures

- Authentic Vegetation


Please contact us by emailing to aerobridge1nfo@gmail.com


Aerobridge Studios reserves all rights. Educational use, business use or

commercial use, without a proper license is prohibited. Please contact

us for license arrangements. Copying content for personal or other use

not covered by the license is prohibited.

What's New in Version V2.1 (xp-10) V2 (XP9)


  • Wholly redone scenery

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Screenshots look very good! Will test it soon.


Edit: Really well done. Only 2 little things:


- Why is the registration number on the one side of the tail of one of the static planes mirrored?


- The red bushes and the trees don't look SOOO convincing. Maybe these could be replaced with better models? Trees in KCGX were better, for example.

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Looks pretty good. Nice texture artwork and fine animations on aircraft and buildings.


-1 for missing exclusion zone for "facades", when used with OSM data from Simheaven. The hangar is hooked up by a OSM building. Exclusion zone needs to inserted manually with OverlayEditor. 

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It was not easy running this down but I saw your airport on YouTube "10 Payware Quality Airports for freeware". Truer words were never spoken ! X-Plane only led to closed forum posts so I took it upon myself to attempt to secure this beautiful scenery. Thanks to all who made this possible & my sincere thanks !

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