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Found 1 result

  1. Disclaimer: This is under XP11 RC2 and I know the Ixeg 737 is not yet officially supported in that environment, which may be the reason I am having the issue below. I've experienced a few times now and consistently a major frame rate issue only in the IXEG plane when I start placing altitude or speed constraints on legs in the FMC after reaching cruising altitude. I do this fairly often to comply with ATC vectors or flight levels which may deviate from the default approach initially programmed into the FMC on the ground. Taking a simple example, a flight from Salt Lake to Denver. Here's the coroute: KSLC CHE DIRECT FRNCH DIRECT BOENG KDEN During pre-flight, I add the departure SID from KSLC for runway 16R, and add the arrival STAR at KDEN for 16R as well (via TOMS/KAILE3). In this case, approaching TOMS from FRNCH and being directed to FL210, I set an altitude constraint on the waypoint via the entry of /210 on BOENG. The moment the constraint is displayed, my FPS totally tanks from 35-40 to 4-8 almost immediately. The buttons on the FMC become unresponsive the moment the entry is input, and it takes it a very long time (30 seconds or more) to execute (even for the light on the button to come up). The cursor on the EXEC button takes several seconds to change to the hand. Clearly, something's happening as the whole simulation is now a slideshow. What's very odd is when I look at my CPU and GPU graph is my CPU utilization falls to about 10% and my GPU utilization falls to 6%. It looks like nothing is happening at all and I have plenty of horsepower completely unused (which explains the FPS) but not why. Normally I see 100% utilization on the XP thread, and between 60% to 99% utilization on the GPU for a FPS at my QHD resolution of about 35-45. This happens in an outside view or inside view and I've now duplicated this with either an altitude constraint on any waypoint, or a speed constraint, or both, when apply to any portion of the flight plan, when in the air. Works fine on the ground (as far as I can tell) - so changing that before a flight is not causing the issue. Only in-flight. I saw a post on antivirus software having to be disabled on the XP folder (which as an IT professional I find very strange as in this day and age, security should never be relaxed to fix a software or performance issue because of the risks it entails) but this had to do with adding or changing waypoints - which I'm not doing here - I'm only placing a constraint which only impacts the VNAV component. I haven't tried disabling A/V on XP but will (very reluctantly). I've also been able to reproduce on other flight plans and the performance issue is almost instant when a speed or vertical constraint is added in flight on any existing waypoint although I've only attempted to set speed and altitude constraints on the approach, so slower speed or lower altitudes. This may be just my setup, the fact I'm running this plane in XP11 RC2, but it's done that before the RC2 update and I've been able to reproduce consistently to the point I now stay away from any VNAV changes and just don't use VNAV for approach descent control. There's nothing I can do when the FMC starts to act up until I quit the flight. Restarting the flight returns the normal FPS. Hopefully one of the gurus here can help me explain what I'm doing wrong. My addons are X-Enviro and World Traffic, I also have flywithLua and xassign, and ezpushback. Disabling those does not fix the issue (looks to be completely unrelated). I also have the EADT 738 and the add-on FMC for that and it doesn't cause that issue, only the IXEG FMC so far. Running Windows 10 x64, 16Gb memory @3.2GHz, Ryzen 1800X @4GHz, and a 1080 TI 11Gb card with a slight overclock, current Nvidia drivers, current WIndows patches and current XP RC2 as published on Steam. Thanks!
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