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Found 2 results

  1. I was doing a flight today with the following routing. It was the second time flying this arrival and both times I ran into the exact same problem: KCVG BNGLE4 BNGLE RIKLE WWSHR DORET J584 SLT FQM3 KEWR (ILS04L) I was flying without ATC so I entered a couple of altitude restrictions on the arrival while in flight. The altitudes I used were based on the "Expect" notations on the chart at RACKI (13000) and SWEET (7000). Both altitudes seemed to work fine after pressing EXEC. This arrival has a vector section after SWEET which seemed to work correctly. LNAV and VNAV was still eng
  2. Hello IXEG Team First of all thank you for this wonderful plane Here is my suggestion: When entering a direct to the final descent point on the Legs page, I am missing a place near LSK5R or 6R where you can enter the final approach course in order to get an extended centerline of your arrival runway. Is this feature available on the real 737-300 and if yes, will we see it in the future on the IXEG? Thanks in advance Peter
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