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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    hi, this is x-plane 9's piper PA46 malibu converted for x plane 11 it includes: 5 liveries with a white one to make your own a fully working 3D cockpit a pretty detailed cabin hope you enjoy
  2. Piper PA46 Malibu X-Plane 11 View File hi, this is x-plane 9's piper PA46 malibu converted for x plane 11 it includes: 5 liveries with a white one to make your own a fully working 3D cockpit a pretty detailed cabin hope you enjoy Submitter OPnoob543 Submitted 09/26/2020 Category General Aviation X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 11  
  3. HEY! FSXP is excited to announce that we'll be starting a new project, slated for release in 2014! Hiroshi, the modeller of our 787 and 767 exteriors has created another family of planes and wants the planes to be available in x-plane too! The series is being dubbed the 737NG Basic, and will be built over the next six months. No comment yet on whether a 3d cockpit or cabin will be added. The Basic dub means that it won't feature a lot of advanced tech like plugin control or 3d cockpit, it's designed more for simple flying and nice visuals. The project will also feature full livery compatability forward and backwards, meaning any textures from FSX for this plane can be directly copied in to the .png format and vice versa. The project will be developed alongside the 787 and will share the same animation techniques used on the 787. The project is expected to contain between 30 and 40 planes, ranging from the 600 to the MAX series jets. Other features for the planes will include: -Three types of winglets -eyebrows or no eyebrows -air stairs -ground services, including refueling trucks, GPU and a push back -quality 3d models -accurate flight model (no plugin control though) -2d panel (no comment on 3d panel)
  4. Hello there, I hope this isn't committing a cardinal sin by even asking the question but.... As snailpup the developer of the excellent plugin Checklister is no longer active and has not been seen on the .org forum or "anywhere" for that matter for almost a year - and he did announce his intended departure from the flight simulation community - is it possible/ethical for a person with the right skills to take his 32bit plugin and "convert" it to 64bit without his knowledge/permission? I understand that as part is the user agreement that this kind of thing should not be done without the authors permission, but all avenues to contact snailpup have failed. What is the consensus of opinion on this one, and would there be any takers to see if this could be done without the original source code? Thanks very much. Kind regards, James
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