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  1. Well, there's the answer right there. You'd think with all my years in IT I would have thought about Javascript, but instead I was digging through network settings expecting it to be somewhere in there. I don't recall ever turning off Javascript in Safari, but at some point it did get disabled. Re-enabled it, and now my remote CDU works. Thanks for that pointer. I look forward to trying it out later this evening.
  2. Actually, I tried it on the iPad first, and when it wouldn't connect, I then tried on the Macbook Pro, since it was also connected via wireless it seemed the best way to test any connectivity issues with the laptop running XP. It connected immediately, as did my iPhone. I also tested it from Safari on my iMac without issues. After I sent this last night, I installed the CRJ on my iMac, and all my devices can display the CDU when XP is running on my iMac, but it still doesn't work on the iPad. I don't see anything in the network or browser configuration on the iPad that might explain the inability to connect, so I have no idea what's causing the connectivity issue. It's running the latest iOS release, and I even actually rebooted it to see if that made any difference, but nothing so far. Before posting this, I thought I'd try a different browser on my iPad, so I downloaded Terra, and it works with it. I have no idea what's going on with Safari on my iPad, but I'll happily use a different browser if it will work. I'll try it out later today and see how it does.
  3. I've been looking forward to this update, but unfortunately for some reason it works on every computer I have except the one I really need it to work on - my original iPad. I just get a "waiting for connection" message, and it never connects. My Macbook Pro is on the same wireless network, and works fine. All my devices are on the 192.168.200 network, and I've confirmed that my iPad is connected to my network and has an IP address in the same range, but for some reason it just won't show anything other than this message. It even works on my iPhone without problems. I can't find anything on my iPad that is misconfigured, so I really have no idea why it won't connect when the network configuration is correct. I've just recently got back into flight sims, and XP in particular, and have been enjoying the CRJ quite a bit. In the past, the performance on my older Asus Core 2 Duo 2.53GHz laptop wasn't very good, but for whatever reason it's actually running with frame rates in the 20s after I reinstalled WIndows 7 a couple of months back. On my i3 iMac with the crappy video card, it runs even better. It's a great plane, and rediscovering it over the last couple of weeks has been a fun escape from the stresses of work.
  4. I'll just add my voice to this thread too. This looks fantastic. I'm absolutely elated we'll be seeing a DC-3 of this quality in XP. Truly an iconic aircraft.
  5. Javier and Philip, thanks for the explanation. I've always had a keen eye for fonts, so I noticed it right away, but it certainly doesn't detract at all from the experience. Regarding the frame rate differences, I do remember reading that frame rates were higher on Mac and Linux, but given the disparity in hardware between my PC laptop and my iMac, I expected things would be a wash and I'd see about the same frame rate on both. But I'll take what I'm getting on my iMac any day. Once I'm back home off this business trip at the end of the week, I plan to spend some time this weekend really getting to know this great add-on. I'm very impressed with what I've seen thus far. I've been mostly into FS9/FSX, but Tom's MU2 got me into X-plane a couple of years ago, and several other add-ons have come along since then that have kept me using it from time to time. I haven't done anything with any flight sim for over 6 months, but I started following the threads again when it became clear the CRJ was close to release. I've been interested in this one since it was first announced, and had to get it as soon as it came out. Now I've got to budget for a couple more planes that have caught my eye as well. Incidentally, my flight this morning was on a CRJ. Made me wish I had installed it on my Macbook Pro so I could have tinkered with it in the hotel this week.
  6. I've been troubleshooting the microstutters issue on my PC that a few others have reported, and decided to install it on my iMac to see if the same issue was present. Much to my surprise, my iMac (Core i3 3.06GHz, 4GB RAM, Radeon HD 4670 256MB, 10.6.7) actually runs it much better than my Asus G72GX gaming laptop (Core2Duo P8700 2.53GHz, 6GB RAM, Win7 Home Premium x64, nVidia GTX 260M 1GB), with frame rates in the mid-40s as opposed to the low-20s to low-30s stuttering I'm seeing on the laptop. However, I noticed that the font used on the displays and the FMC is not the clear and sharp font I see on the PC and in the manual, and appears to be Courier. Is this normal on the Mac, or is there an issue on my system somewhere? See the screenshots here for what I'm seeing. It's not a big deal at all if this is normal, but I just want to make sure that it's by design and not an issue with my system.
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