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  1. plus, how do you make the labels (for example on buttons) in different images?
  2. Thank you for the great tutorial, may you point us to some of the brushes you actually use?
  3. Then, really a good job! those are perfect (and I have had very bad experiences in cutting the windshield)
  4. Great to head this. I just worried when i saw the blender screenshot
  5. Thank you very much! i notice you used Boolean cuts. Do you know if they are improved in blender 3d?
  6. Love this, but isn't it a little too High poly for x-plane? 1100000 polys are really a lot!
  7. Great project! Very high detail... How all those vertices will affect framerate? May we see some wireframe picrures? i'd love that.
  8. Wow! a lot of them! will this bird be heavy for an human computer? Will you release only for xp10 or also for 9?
  9. Impressive plane! I am following it since the first posts! Just to know, how many polys did you use for the external model (without cockpit)?
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