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  1. I'm on 364.72, these drivers work very well on my setup.
  2. No problem with my fps, I have it locked at /12 of refresh (30) because of the screen tearing and for the smoother feel.
  3. I currently have GTX970 and can only go as high as 2x HDR with out dropping from 30fms all around, I would really like to go 8x as XP looks fantastic at this setting. And yes I do play other games that would definitely benefit with the upgrade. CPU wise its a i7 3770k @ 4.5 with 32g of Ram
  4. I can understand a few PSI variance but there is quite a bit of it, having said that, I really have no idea how real jet engines behave.
  5. I will upgrade to a 1080 just for the fact that I could increase HDR to 8x SSAA+FXAA, just need someone to show results before I rob my wallet of $$$.
  6. I too have the same issue with oil qty/press not equal and I know the system failure within XP is off, will check again anyway once I get home. Regarding fuel imbalance, I haven't notice any issues and have had several 2+ hours flights on this beauty already
  7. Good to hear that, also make sure Threaded Optimization is off as it only creates problems, doesn't work well in OpenGL
  8. I'm almost certain that as long as your operating system remains intact (windows installation) you can move XP folder anywhere with out having to re-activate add-on's. Let us know.
  9. Here's my XP profile, just import using N Inspector and that should be it. On a side note: I'm assuming you have an Nvidia video card and that your monitor works @ 60Hz, if both true then this profile will work. XPlane10.nip
  10. Sure, when I get home (still at work) I'll send it to you via attachment.
  11. This can be accomplished with nVidia Inspector. If you have never used it, then here is a link to the program: http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/nvidia-inspector-download.html Here'a step by step on how to set it up with lots of information. http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=403676 I can even provide my profile so you can upload it. Hope this helps, let me know.
  12. Try it, you will notice a smoother experience with no screen tearing.
  13. Hmm interesting, I haven't notice that. If I may suggest and assuming your monitor runs at 60Hz, lock your frames at 1/2 of refresh using nvidia inspector for total smoothness.
  14. Yes, threaded optimization needs to be off in NI, it only creates problems in OpenGL if left on or auto.
  15. Superb and Phenomenal to say the least!!!
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