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  1. Hi Phillip, I am in the process of building a crj200 cockpit, having trouble with the speed button on the autopilot, I can't seem to find the dataref to push the speed button, the button you have listed only captures the current aircraft speed. Regards Kyle
  2. building a crj200 cockpit

  3. Hi, Can anyone help me with lit cockpit buttons? Is is possible to have buttons light up in a home cockpit that is driven by xplane? e.g.? when the APU becomes available the button turns green. Is this possible? Cheers Kyle
  4. Hi Phillip, thanks for your reply, I have been looking at the CRJ datarefs but I do not have the ability to bring this data through to the colour displays. I have loaded XHSI which works very well but it lacks the CRJ specific warnings and aircraft system status pertinant to the CRJ. Having these CRJ displays over the network would really make our CRJ cockpits. The FMC on my ipad is magic thanks. Regards Kyle
  5. Hi, just wondereing if these sdk's have been developed yet to move these popups to screens outside of xplane? Regards Kyle
  6. hi, I have just installed 1.4.3 no more ctd after playing with FMC thankyou but the autopilot will still not capture the fmc. thanks Kyle
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