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  1. Thank you @Leviathan , I am learning this part of the flight sim world is interesting.. lol.. Will check out RXP Need to find a good Avanti II add on as well...
  2. Thank you for the welcome, and a lot to learn ( sim setup and add on's etc ) for me here.. I did order a decent yoke, and throttle setup , so hopefully that will make the adjustment a little better. Currently uploading some raw video for TomK to use his big brain on and translate into more realistic performance of the MU2 I don't think it will ever be possible to simulate the yaw aspect of the real plane, meaning - it is a VERY trim sensitive plane, and when you are flying by hand, there is a lot of re-trimming based on airspeed and pitch.. either side of 150 knts, the Marquise acts very differently - not sure you can model that, but it is almost like a boat coming and going off plain.. if that makes any sense.. Same with cross winds, if you keep the wing low into the wind, it is sane.. if you get that wing high, it will turn you and make a mess of your approach, etc.. Anyway, looking forward to give some feedback when I can. It is a pleasure to meet you guys. Tom here is that startup sound I think you were going for.. 4-Blade Hartzell - https://photos.app.goo.gl/ngMWtTE4cZWGUvyB9 5-Blade MT - https://photos.app.goo.gl/k6GCpqUMDi2r5fDi6 David
  3. Actually, yes.. lol I started the Youtube channel to educate potential buyers of the plane to be honest.. So far, it is easier for me to fly.. I think I need VR to make this work for me, never realized how much I look around.. Baby pictures below. My cockpit is very similar to the one modeled. Do you think there will be a 750Txi version in this sim?
  4. Hello all.. New to the flight sim world, but not new to the MU2.. Just downloaded 12 and the MU2 mod, and the Realsim G500.. I still see the advertisment for the G500 in the game even though the mod is installed, should I assume that is just something to wait for until it is ported to ver 12? David MU2B60 owner..
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