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  1. Hello , I get this window every time I start xplane 12. How can I stop it from appearing? thanks
  2. Greetings, I don't understand anymore during my approaches, when I deactivate the PA to take the controls in manual I can't pull or push the yoke, the trim is constantly working by itself. I can't trim in manual. I have to intervene in the STAB TRIM controls. Is it that I'm not practicing properly or that I've forgotten something for the landings? Still waddling when you switch to APPR. Here's a photo of where I'm intervening.
  3. Hello , I'm having trouble making my landing flare. the joystick doesn't react or reacts very slowly, neither pull nor push. The PA is disconnected. How can I make it more reactive for a smoother landing. Thank you for your help.
  4. Hello, I need you to explain to me how to keep my plane from pitching on approach. I can't get rid of this pitching effect, I think it's when I activate the APPR button that the phenomenon happens. Thanks.
  5. Great Cameron, You're great. Thanks for your great responsiveness. Keep up the good work and congratulations again for the great job you are doing on this wonderful aircraft. Yessssssssssssssssssss
  6. What is the name of the command in xplane please
  7. Hello, How to use this function, Because in the preferences, if I don't check it, I won't have any reverse on landing? So I wonder if I should check this box in the preferences or not? Thank you for enlightening me.
  8. Hello , With this new version I have problems to ride the front wheel turns with difficulty. to turn I have to brake? Thanks.
  9. Hello , still blockages on the opening of certain ex: LFOB Beauvais France airports.
  10. Okay . please excuse me I had not read everything. Otherwise very good job.
  11. Hello, No update for xplane which hangs on loading in some French airport? It's weird because it worked with version 1.5.1 and with the same version of xplane 11.51 r1? ?
  12. I made a flight today everything went well at 19000 feet without alarm leaving everything in automatic? i don't know what i did but it works. I think there is a method to do when starting the plane. I will refer to the checklist. thank you to all of you
  13. I always tried an alarm, so I had to switch to manual setting to turn it off.
  14. Does the oxygen lever have to be up or down? When I start the plane I pull the lever up
  15. Here are the positions of my buttons when I fly. I specify that when I am less than FL150, no alarm. until now I had only made small short distance flights. I was never confronted in this case of pressure
  16. Hello, I have made 2 flights above FL200 and I have a cabin pressure alarm sounding and I do not know how to proceed, and yet I have correctly set my destination altitude?
  17. Hello , I went back to version 1.6.1, it is still the same problem with some airports the blue bar of the xplane loading stops at 3/4 and does not move anymore. xplane has crashed. But on the other hand with the old version of the aircraft 1.5 everything is going well and in this same airport
  18. where we put this parking brake file in which folder?
  19. Always the same problem xplane does not open in some airport?
  20. OKAY , There again I did not finish my flight, Xpalne froze and the plane is not following its flight plan in NAV mode with the GTN 750? Thanks. Log.txt
  21. Hello, Since I updated version 1.6, When I start my plane in this LFOB airport the blue bar of the xplane loading stops at 3/4 and does not move anymore. xplane is crashed. But on the other hand with the old version of the plane everything is going well and in this same airport. So I deduce that there is certainly something wrong with v1.6. I join you the log of yesterday and that of now Log.txt Log.txt
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