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  1. Yes I followed that discussion on discord. It's just that there needs to be a general random failure trigger of some sort with mean time, which I was trying to accomplish this way; I think something like PMDG or FSLABS did (1 random failure every ~10h, if you wish so) would be a popular feature here, it greatly increases immersion if you have a reason to do checklists and watch the engines & co. during cruise. I understand the reason with training, but there is no sense in training if the situation can never occur outside of the training (well, unless you are a real 650 pilot). But I did not want to engage into that discussion here, so thank you for your feedback.
  2. 1. Set mean time failure (e.g. 60 minutes, or 2 minutes for testing) 2. quit Xplane 3. reload same aircraft 4. failure is still entered, but timer is not running Solutions: a) automatically restart all timers (from full set mean time value) when loading plane OR b) save timer status (e.g. only 10/60 min left) when exiting and reload those values when loading the plane Both solutions can be useful
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