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  1. i have the same problem dude, if im not wrong is a know problem and in the first update they will fix it
  2. i dont add any addon neither a plane
  3. Hello, i have a couple of days flying, then i moved the pc to other home and the plane doesnt open more, but xp11 dont crash just closes (whit other planes xp11 works just fine) help please
  4. Hello what keybin is for brake the plane while taxing thanks
  5. yeap that works for me in a 70 percent on the flight i mean if u fly 1 hour u only have a 18 minutes some times of flickering or less
  6. I am the same as you, the same GPU and driver hopefully the AMD ones will answer you
  7. Aparently works now, im gonna put only the necesary addons and keep there, thank u guys
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