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  1. Good day, thank you again for this airplane. It is the best! Here is my log Thanks Log.txt
  2. Good day, I also wanted to mention the ground services and refuel pop up is ok. It is in the proper location centre monitor for my setup. The cell phone is distorted, hand signals are depicted in the photo attached and the oxygen mask is seen in all 3 monitors when applied. I understand that 3 monitor/multi monitor setups are probably a low % of setups but the view is really cool(3x43" 1080p tv). Thanks for your time. IMG_3349.pdf
  3. Good day, excellent recreation of the CL650. It would be great to be able to adjust the hint bar width and height past 40% for multi screen users. The sentences are difficult to read at current settings available. Right screen edge and left screen edge are great positions for viewing. Thanks for all of your dedication to the CL650. 276601590_IMG_33462.pdf
  4. Good day, Thanks for all your dedication to this project! Looks great! Will this airplane support muti monitor setups? I personally use 3x 43" 1080p tvs. Thanks
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