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  1. Hello, yes of course. I was in the cruise flying online (IVAO) from EDMO to EGPH (MAH7C MAH M726 ERNAS Y101 IBAGA DCT MASEK L604 MAPOX DCT MIMVA L602 EMLON M79 NATEB Y96 AGPED AGPED1E) and once deleting the waypoints after NATEB (being AGPED, HAVEN and TARTN) to insert TLA in the discontinuity, the sim crashes. Apparently this is also repeatable as it also happened when I tried the same steps with the saved state. Edit: Also attaching a screenshot taken shortly berfore the crash
  2. During cruise I edited the arrival route into EGPH (NATEB -> TLA for the ILS RWY06) which resulted in the CTD relevant route string: NATEB Y96 AGPED AGPED1E Best regards and thank you for this amazing addon! Log.txt
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