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    TBM 900 CTD

    Hi, I have tried removing all my plugins, all my Aerosoft sceneries and it still crashes. I dont know why, it is the only aircraft I have problems with. Nicolas Log.txt
  2. Hello support,

    I am having problems loading the TBM, I saw the recommendations of erasing Jardesign GHD plugin and the other issue with SCEL airport. I tried both and still crashing. My current XP11 version is 11.55. Currently running with I7 9700k 2060S single monitor. 


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    2. nrey001



      I have just tried erasing all my Aerosoft sceneries and it still crashes.



    3. Goran_M


      You still have some plugins that are making me nervous.  Particularly Autogate and JarDesign Ground handling.  

      First, try removing those 2 plugins and then restart X-Plane.  If it still crashes, download just the demo of X-Plane and install that into a separate folder, and then install the TBM into the demo.  No scenery and no other plugins.  Just the demo version of X-Plane and the TBM.  Let me know what happens.

    4. nrey001


      It worked without any issues

  3. I am having trouble loading up the airplane, it quits Xplane every time. Does anybody have the same issue?
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