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  1. Hello support,

    I am having problems loading the TBM, I saw the recommendations of erasing Jardesign GHD plugin and the other issue with SCEL airport. I tried both and still crashing. My current XP11 version is 11.55. Currently running with I7 9700k 2060S single monitor. 


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    2. Goran_M


      It's hard to find the exact problem because I don't have what you have.  The best way to find the problem is to now start installing all your plugins, 1 at a time, in the new install, and start the sim each time you add a plugin, until it crashes.  Then we can see what is causing the crash.

    3. nrey001


      Hi, I tried removing ALL my plugins and it did not worked. So, if the problem is not a plugin, what else could it be? Thanks

    4. nrey001


      Keeps crashing with the same Log


  2. I am having trouble loading up the airplane, it quits Xplane every time. Does anybody have the same issue?
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