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  1. HI Tom, I see your post from several years ago and am wondering if you have been happy with the 34" ultrawide. I'm thinking of moving up from my 27" 1080p and considering a 34 or 38 ultrawide curved. Am running an RTX 2060 so it should handle 2K I would think. Any advice?
  2. I had wondered the same thing after running into a brick wall trying to integrate into my vFlyte Grumman Tiger. Since that wasn't working I purchased the dual G5 hardware bundle from RealSimGear, so far it is working well. I'm wondering if Coop may have any estimate on the V2 update, and will it be available to us who purchased through X-Aviation?
  3. Now that Real Sim Gear has a GFC500 panel I wonder if it provides flight director information to the AFM G5.
  4. Thank you to the members who posted these fixes, I had the same problems using the G5's on my AA5 in X-Plane. Any other tips would be much appreciated!
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