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  1. how do i make it so its only 15 bucks? cause i bought ixeg back in 2021
  2. i hope someone makes this livery on the ixeg 737 its a Dominican airline, itll look very nice on the 737 300
  3. when u have the ground power set up and ur doing all ur pre flight planning, the align time doesnt matter, by the time ur done with inputting the flight plan and the buttons needed before the apu, it had already been aligned parden my english, as its not my first language
  4. i wanna fly this bird from inagua airport to nassau, they do that flight sometimes with their 737 700s and 500, before they would use the 300 too, when they had it
  5. cant wait to fly this bird in remote airports where they still use 737 300s for
  6. a haitian airline called sunrise, used to fly on the 737-300 when they had it before too rutaca (venezuelan) airlines
  7. Boeing 737-300 American Airlines it really is a beautiful aircraft I remember flying from DR to curacao, (dont ask what airline it was, cause i was a kid, been too long. all i remember was the plane) ,monthly from santo domingo to curacao with my grandparents alot, this was back in the 90s, it was either, and a 727 and or a 737-200, always those 3 aircrafts
  8. theres nothing more beautiful than a 737-300 landing on a tropical island, or taking off
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