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  1. Sorry. In my neck of the woods taking a week to reply to a customer, even if it is simply 'we are aware of the problem and are looking into it', is not superior customer service.... although neither is calling the customer impatient, so I guess we will just disagree there. In regards to the other question I asked, which you didn't reply to (what is the appropriate time I should wait for a reply to that before I seem impatient?) - the manipulator instructions for the throttle and mixture should be changed to axis drag along the Z axis, not the Y axis, so those in VR are actually moving th
  2. Yeah. Been waiting for a while for an answer on this one. Great plane.. not so great support.
  3. Just purchased. I am really impressed with the plane. Besides one small hiccup which was solved with a re-install, I am having a great time with it. Design, graphics, flight dynamics and sound are all really well done. I have two questions. Has the avitab issue been resolved? I am also not able to turn it on. Second, is there a reason the throttle and mixture levers are an axis drag in VR and not rotate? It would be much better to be able to grab the levers to manipulate than pull the controller up and down to control. Just curious as it seems like an easy fix. Edit: Just noticed the othe
  4. I was having this issue too. Just purchased. Was in the cockpit trying to start up in VR and it crashed. Reloaded and now this message is on the screens and will not go away. Yes, I had the bat and avionics switched on. License said it was valid, etc. Did a fresh reinstall and it seems to be resolved. Weird quirk. Just wanted to let OP know others have had same...
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