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  1. I had problems with my X-aviation software activation. Unfortunately, although X-aviation (Cameron) did reply to me in a timely manner, the email address I was using was playing up after a recent server outage and I did not get his courteous and helpful response. Email changed now. Customer support has now resolved the issue and following Cameron's advice my software is unlocked. Thanks again.
  2. I followed this advice and my id has been locked. A ticket has been created but nothing further from X-aviation. There is a live chat but when opened says it is not a live chat and not to message them again.
  3. kjhnor

    Licensing Issue

    Yes. Time was ok, BST. Date was correct as well.
  4. kjhnor

    Licensing Issue

    Thanks Ben I will leave them in peace. Mondays probably not a great day.
  5. kjhnor

    Licensing Issue

    Hi Ben I went into my bios setting and all is ok with the clock time. I have updated X-aviation support with another message but suspect they are now going to a fed up as I have sent them a total of 4 messages with updates as they happened. I am not sure how I could have got the info across to them otherwise. Again thanks for your advice.
  6. kjhnor

    Licensing Issue

    Hi Ben Thanks I will check the system clock. The only difference I can see though is my System clock is on zulu and we are on BST at the moment. Sorry not very PC literate it some respects. But thanks for the suggestion and will look into it in my bios settings.
  7. kjhnor

    Licensing Issue

    I have started to get a warning window that my Gizmo had expired. After a few days I then got a further request to enter my user details for my X-aviation products. Then followed by a request to name my PC. No request to use a name I had used before. I added a computer name and consequently my ID has been locked and I await a response from customer services re unlocking my ID. I updated my Gizmo to the latest version in respect of the Gizmo licence expiring, that may have caused the further problems. So i know the correct action to take in future could Ben confirm the correct action I should h
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