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  1. MHC130

    Licensing Issue

    Roger that! Thanks! V/r Mike
  2. MHC130

    Licensing Issue

    Check the email(s) I sent to support@x-aviation.com. One email has my attached invoice for verification. You can cross reference my email (forum and x-aviation customer login). Also, my last email question notes - “Any updates on unlocking my account?” Check the V/r. Thanks! V/r Mike
  3. MHC130

    Licensing Issue

    While on the subject of customer service. I have read many complaints about x-aviation’s support system and response. I decided to take a chance and purchase the IXEG after many raving reviews. I didn’t have the funds but made the sacrifice. I have been flying sims since the 1990’s and never had to chase down a vendor to address an issue. One example is P2ATC: Dave responds in a timely manner and is always cordial and helpful. I have received support in the past w/no issues for products such as PMDG, Aerowinx, etc.. I was looking to buy additional products from x-aviation but am on the fen
  4. MHC130

    Licensing Issue

    Wow! I am not asking anyone to verify my support on the forum, but just the vendor to respond to my emails. I sent a copy of my invoice with the email. Everything was working until I upgraded GIZMO. “Slow down any response.” This is the way customers are treated. Your response was kinda rude.
  5. MHC130

    Licensing Issue

    I installed the new GIZMO and can't authorize my product because my account is locked. I decided to use a generic hostname and not the hostname of my native laptop. I sent a couple of emails to the service desk and used the form. No joy. Can you please help! V/r Mike
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