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  1. So my livery folder continue to spontaneously create read-only files. I have never successfully changed the livery despite having reset the folder and sub folders and even removed read only individually to every folder and file in the livery folder. Log attached after last attempt. Thank you in advance. Log.txt
  2. New question (promise I won't be a pest): I thought that Bat 2 was a diode test (BAT 2 on -> Flaps light off) and that Bat 1 powered the equipment fans (BAT 1 on -> sound of equipment fans). In v1.2.0 it seems that BAT 2 is still a diode test (Flaps light out) but now also powers the equipment fans. (BAT ! still powers fans, too). (This is trivial, I'm just curious)
  3. I'm using the stock Red Swoosh. Livery folder has no anomalous or duplicated files. log.txt attached. Log.txt
  4. When I try to change the tail number using the change livery generator, itwon't let me. I type in the tail number I want, click "regenerate livery",get a voice confirmation, but C-FOXY remains.
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