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  1. the only thing is, i must find a way to put the beta / reverser on my Thrustmaster. Actually for the other planes, i have it on a knop, but that does not work here.... Only if i take the mouse to remove the PL to revers...
  2. OK, it seems everything is all right now. So i say thank you for the friendly support, i try a short flight now. Sorry, that i first thought, i was a bug, my mistake.
  3. actually it is not activated
  4. Thanks for the explenation. My problem is no matter what i do, i can´t put the power lever ON GROUND in ground - idle and i have no possibility to activate the reverser so after landing it is difficult to stop the plane. I know of course, that during the flight the PL does not has to be below Flight-Idle.
  5. Good day,there is a bug in this aircraft (Saab 340A). 1.6.5 At ground, it is not possible to use the reverser and the beta-range (ground-idle). I know the technique of the Saab well and see in other forums that its not only me who have this problem. So what to do ? Carsten
  6. True. The redownload solved the problem with the NWS, but nevertheless it is not possible to use beta range or reverse on the ground and that isn‘t accetable for 50 dollars.
  7. I just downloaded the newest version. Same issue, a handling is not possible. And i have another question: During the start-up the power lever is in ground-idle position. As far as i put it into flight-idle, it is not possible to remove it to ground-idle and the reverser does not work as well. What can be the reason ? Greets, Carsten
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