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  1. Thanks for the clarifications. Many of the changes maided in this update I didn't notice, or bother me in the past!...and apparently they were a lots. One to another the plane is great, other way I wouldn't buy it! I will adopt the flight to the new changes. P.S. - I didn't want to make "snarky remarks" if it was an email address, were to send all this comments. But we don't have a choice and have to posted here on the forum! Regards,
  2. Hi and thanks for your feedback, I didn't have problems with the engines before, temp. or torq., maybe I didn't notice this issues before. Also I didn't change noting in the controller and is simply not working! But to came with the plane with no throttle on landing, I think is the ultimate dream for an airliner :))... usually with the plane fully configure you have to apply some thrust, otherway the plane normally is falling from the sky!!!
  3. The plane was great until 1.6 update. With update 1.6 some problems are fixed, but more appears, like: 1. HDG Slave is not working; 2. The landing gear cannot be activate thru the controller;(designated button) 3. The autopilot cannot be deactivated thru the controller;(db) 4. The throttle of the plane behave very strange;(db) 5. The reversers are no longer working thru the controller;(db) 6. The friction of the plane is worst then the previous version. With the plane fully configured, flaps full, gear down and throttle at IDLE,
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