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  1. Ok found the culprit....stay far away from volumetric anything in skymaxx pro!! Choose Fast clouds, looks awesome and performs brilliantly!!
  2. I was running at 3840 × 2160. Might try 2560x1440 but if you struggled with that, I'm sure i will too.
  3. Hi Dirk, I realised something last night. I'm running a UHD monitor and have XP on the UHD resolution. When I brought it back down to 1920x1080 the hit was much smaller. Given we don't want to go on lower settings - that's why we pay the money for the rigs, right, I'm going to test today/tomorrow on the HD settings as opposed to the UHD and see if that makes a difference.
  4. Also, and apologies if I'm reinventing the wheel here!! BUT, is there a recommended config for the RTX 2070 8GB's that I can test out? As stated above, I have pretty much put all other settings on low, which is kind of defeating the object of why I bought this card.
  5. I am having the exact same issue with an RTX 2070 8GB. AA already set to very low. The cloud draws just kills it completely for a few seconds and kind of kills the realism in the sim, which is unfortunate. Would love to help anyway I can to get this sorted, as SKymaxx pro 5 has a lot of potential!
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