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  1. Ben - Thank you. That did fix the problem. Enjoyed the S340A before this latest update and now it just grate!
  2. It appears the Gizmo64 plugin is not being loaded. I have no Gizmo menu. I believe I used to get this message before I activated the aircraft. I did have to rebuild my WIN10 drive so that may be the problem. Re-install doesn't solve the problem. -tia Log.txt
  3. TimNewst -Did you see Cameron's response to my similar problem? If you updated to Catalina or Big Sur. The Uninstall S340 program in the X-Plane/X-Aviation folder has to be deleted. I also deleted the S340 from my Aircraft/X-Aviation folder and the Gizmo file from the resources/plugins folder first.
  4. Thank you Cameron. That did solve the problem.
  5. Thanks for this comprehensive update. On my MacPro running Mojave (OS 10.14) I was able to uninstall and install 1.5.1 and run with no issues. However I did get an error similar to that reported by TimNewst when I tried to update my S340 on my Big Sur system (OS 11.2). I am getting an error running the uninstaller. I tried removing the plane and the Gizmo plug in file but the installer still wanted to do an uninstall. The error I got was: There has been an error: Error running /Users/Username/Desktop/X-Plane 11/X-Aviation/Uninstall Saab 340A.app/Contents/MacOS/installbuilder.sh : dyl
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