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  1. 100% I'm also happy with SMP4 but still want 5 haha! Idk, I adore XPR2 but not long had it so kinda not too bothered if it's on or not
  2. I'm glad you guys are able to pin this down! I know you'll think of something and can't wait for a patch. Just take your time and look forward to it. Small request, please ping an email out when a patch has been made
  3. @Cameron I'm bugging out of this as mine has been stable since XPR2 remove. I will use V4 till patch. Let me know if you need anything on my side and thanks for you help!
  4. We all wish it was that easy
  5. There must be some other addon you're running that could be causing it. For me, removing XPR2 has fixed this. Here is a list of my current addons (minus XPR2)
  6. Can confirm. XPR2 is the issue Going back to V4 for now. I was very happy with that till a patch comes out
  7. Can confirm. XPR2 is the issue
  8. Okay, seems stable. I do not have AS running. I've tried with and without beta settings in SMP
  9. Beta - I will also test this now for you
  10. Tried without AS and still the same
  11. @Cameronjust found another issue. It removes all my XP aircraft sounds
  12. That is correct on my side. Both me and my friend tried a number of settings and still the same. I even removed beta etc, reset XP and still the same issue
  13. Really? That's an issue. I cannot fly without ASX. Sound petty I know but I've been using that since P3D days. *Just a sidenote, when XP crashes from this bug, it messes with a lot of other applications. Discord has a meltdown, chrome, my webcam etc
  14. Tried, both me and my friend still had the same issue.
  15. Here is my XP settings. Had this for over a year+ with zero issues. Currently on a RTX2070 OC
  16. Yup, RAM was maxed and I'm on 32gb. I had zero issue with V4 *Attached log Log.txt
  17. ADMIN NOTE! PLEASE SEE FOLLOWING TOPIC: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Just got V5, installed and for me and my friend, our frames are destroyed inside the plane. Tried on a few planes. Payware, free and default. It lasts for a few min then just hard crashes **Weirdly, if you have X-Camera on, it seems to "save" the frames but if you don't have it or turn it off. Frames are totally destroyed
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