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  1. The microprofiler capture with the standard Gizmo. Will post a shot with the beta version when I load it again. Not sure if it actually helps.
  2. The beta has serious FPS issues on my PC as well. The normal Gizmo works consistently better. On the TBM with the normal Gizmo I took a look at the microprofiller to see where the stutters are coming from. It turns out that the G1000 run time per frame is on par with the scenery generator time per frame. Other than that, congrats for the update/patch! It really seems that there are no uncovered aspects.
  3. Hi, Thank you for the quick response. Very informative video. To answer your question, no, I have no reason to depart at 66% TRQ. I guess I was not paying attention. On the other hand, I had no idea that a nose down command is required on departure in order to maintain the 10 degrees attitude in the real aircraft. That seemed counter intuitive to me.
  4. Sure thing, maybe I get to figure out if I am doing something wrong. All pics contain the relevant (I hope) data output from xPlane. Firs on ground, with payload Takeoff roll at 80 knots with QFE. Pitch up capture. Sometimes it gets worse. This time it did not want to . I have no input applied on the yoke. Level flight, autopilot, STD Baro, FL100 150 knots. Same story but at 180 knots.
  5. Hi, Thank you for sharing the images. I see you posted two trim configurations, out of which, the first one is with the trim up, higher than the takeoff trim. I never reach that trim, in any flight configuration. In reality, I have to set it way closer to the DN mark than what you show in your real life photos. Actually is past what your xPlane screenshot shows, maybe one full tab thickness. Also at take-off there is a strong change of behavior to nose up at more than 20 degrees when going over the 120 knots mark. Would be interesting to mention where is the trim is, accordi
  6. Hi, I am currently flying your plane since about two weeks. We've already had our ups (or downs) regarding the ILS approaches. Installing the 2014 xPlane 11.41 AIRAC fixed everything. On the other hand, this very easy workaround is quite hidden between pages of posts. A sticky, next to the AIRAC already posted would make it more obvious. Among the things that I noticed, while flying the plane (and reading the forum) is that: there is absolutely no P-Factor on takeoff, I read all the pro and con arguments that were presented on the forum, but I still think that a cer
  7. Hi, First of all I would like to tell you that I really enjoy your product. And I mean it. Unfortunately, the following part of the post will be a bit rougher... I read through the comments posted by other members, regarding the ILS problem. In reality this is a deal breaker, and maybe they use rougher language than they should, but especially the ones that bought the product recently, are extremely unhappy with this issue. First let me put this in perspective: The model costs about 65$, which is about the same price as the whole X-Plane game on Steam. That makes it relatively e
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