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  1. I installed a clean copy of X-plane. No plugin and then downloaded the Cirrus. It appears to be working fine although I have to calibrate stick and yhrottle quadrant. I will then add plug-in for RealSim and Air manager.
  2. I tried to reinstall again. It does ask for my login name and password. It appears to accept it. I get no error message and it appears to complete the install process.
  3. On the installation of the 1.1 version no activation request. I have attempted the installation process several times. Also tried installing in my beta copy of x-plane 11.5. I am pretty sure that no activation was requested in either case.
  4. I am trying to install 1.1 and I think it is not completing the install. I can see the plane in the aircraft selection and it will load. Switches work but it does not appear to have electrical power. No information on the PFD or MFD and the key will move and click but started does not turnover. When I open the drop down menu "Cirrus SR22" the "Toggle Aircraft Window" does not open. The other two windows will. From my quick look at the logs it appears some type of license verification is not working correctly. I am running RealSimGear plugin in with there GCU47X an
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