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  1. This looks like it could be the answer to much better VR clouds :-)
  2. I am finding the Clouds to be very FPS heavy in XPLANE. I would very much like to know what the best settings would be so that I am not affected by an FPS drop, are you able to help? Nvidea 1080 GTX 32 G RAM Direct X 12 Using XP with ORBX airports, True Earth, ASXP. As soon as there are lots of clouds we have a big drop in FPS, what is the best setting for SkyMaxx Pro with this system, or the best possible options without a drop in FPS. Please can you give us some pointers as there is not that much technically online that is helpful to get settings set up properly
  3. Wow Rawdmon, I have been looking at this conversation and I too have had pretty much exactly the same issues. It's true, SMP has the best cloud rendering in the market place, and in VR it looks just beautiful, I have tried them all, however unfortunately with my 32g ram and 1080 GPU my VR experience has been hit heavily with FPS drops especially in areas I want to fly such as ORBX True Earth UK. I have uninstalled SMP for now, hoping that soon this will all be sorted out as I truly love the colours and the feel with SMP as I just cannot get the settings right for a smooth flight when there i
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