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  1. Oh don't worry too much, it's just my OCD kicking in. I am a bit of a perfectionist! Thank you for a great aeroplane.
  2. Two screengrabs attached - you'll notice the texture glitch on the cable when the brake pedal is pressed on. You'll need to see the animation in sim. The left pedal seems fine. Otherwise - great addition to the fleet, thanks!
  3. For my tuppen'orth. I love those loud sounds!
  4. Hi Dan Thanks for your extra notes. I realised that too but forgot to mention it earlier. An awesome aircraft, really lovely and very well made. Thank you.
  5. Thank you Cameron - as always great service! That was indeed the problem. Cold and dark start and all's well after all. I assumed it was TorqueSim because of the Gizmo plugin so my apologies. Now I've got it flying - nice aeroplane, but certainly no "Pocket Rocket".
  6. Hello all Before I delve too deeply into problem solving I wonder if anyone has experienced the Fairchild instantly crashing and burning and being pushed backwards like on a catapult? Brakes don't work, throttle doesn't work (although both show as working in cockpit). Rudder and ailerons show working with the yoke, as does the rudder with the footpedals. All other Torquesim aircraft work flawlessly in all respects. as do all my other addons. Flawed installation or undocumented "feature"? Tried it on both my X-Plane installations with identical behaviour. One fully loaded with pl
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